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Online Reputation Management: What It Is, Why It Is Important and Best Practices to Follow

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, it’s important to have a good online reputation. Your customers are going to Google your business, and they’re going to find your website. They’ll check out what people are saying about you on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, among many others.

If you want to gather website traffic and also keep previous store visitors coming back for more, it’s important that you manage your brand’s online reputation.

Today, reputation management has become an essential part of every business. A good online reputation can help you in attracting more customers, while a bad one can have the opposite effect.

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a multidimensional concept that focuses on building better public awareness and perception of a brand, company, and/or person.

ORM encompasses building and regularly monitoring reputation, tackling any and all content that could possibly tarnish the brand image. It deals with strategizing and execution to achieve the desired results.

Why is online reputation management important?

1. It impacts buying decisions

Customers are more easily influenced than we realize. And your online reputation is going to play a major role in buying decisions.

53% of shoppers claim they do research before purchasing anything. And over 81% of consumers do online research before making big purchases.

Only and only if shoppers find your brand reliable enough will they consider making a purchase from your store. And hence, your online reputation plays a major role in determining your conversions.

2. It is the online version of word-of-mouth

88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Now, while your potential customers are out there reading reviews, testimonials, and other social media posts about your company, you should be able to make a good impression. This will help you improve your chances of persuading them to buy from you.

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How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Best Practices and Examples

Learn more about the best influencer marketing campaigns and how to run one yourself.

Influencer marketing is a method used by brands to increase their return on investment. It is a new way of using word of mouth and merging it with social media to push products on a large scale.

Earlier, businesses were skeptical of influencer marketing campaigns but with the rise of social media and the increase in power of influencers, it is now a commonly adopted way of marketing.

Here are some statistics that demonstrate the success of influencer marketing campaigns:

  • The industry is expected to increase by 2.6 billion in 2022, taking it to an estimated 16.4 billion dollars
  • 79% of brands choose Instagram as the platform for their influencer campaigns
  • 93% of marketers have relied on influencer marketing at some point
  • More brands are opting for micro-influencers to reduce costs and get higher engagement

This only goes to show that when marketers move in a strategic manner with these campaigns, they are likely to achieve higher success.

In this blog, we will talk about how to run influencer marketing campaigns. We have also included some of the best influencer campaign examples to put things into better perspective.

Influencer marketing campaign best practices

Let’s review some of the best practices along with influencer marketing campaign examples to help you get started:

1. Have a clear understanding of your KPIs

At the beginning of any influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to have a clear direction on what you want out of that campaign. Are you aiming for sales or growing brand awareness? Or perhaps your goal is to achieve both. Your campaign’s KPIs really depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your influencer marketing strategy.

Marketers who are new to influencer marketing campaigns may find it a little too complicated, but as long as you know what you want and how to gain it, things should go well! There are many strategies that bring different results. It all depends on your overall goal itself which will set the tone for executing a successful campaign.

But the first step in doing so is knowing where to keep an eye on your performance i.e KPIs and what success looks like for you. You will need to adjust them accordingly during post-campaign analysis.

2. Define your target audience

When it comes to influencer selection, your target audience should be a fairly obvious starting point. The ideal influencer campaign is one where there’s overlap between the creator and their followers’ interests being similar to your brand’s offerings as it makes for a far more successful campaign.

For example, Daniel Wellington — the watch and jewelry brand — who earlier used to work with major influencers, started involving micro-influencers in their campaigns to get a wider reach and increase their ROI.

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23 TikTok Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

List of all the important TikTok marketing statistics you need to know.

Whether you love it or hate it, TikTok is difficult to overlook. After a record-crushing 2021, the application (and its audience) are greater than at any other time.

While many actually consider it a Gen Z platform for dance tutorials, TikTok has developed to include all sorts of content. Furthermore, with the launch of in-application shopping in 2021, it’s become much more crucial for brands hoping to connect directly with clients.

As you create your 2022 TikTok marketing strategy, here are the key TikTok details to remember.

General TikTok marketing statistics

1. TikTok was the most downloaded application of 2021, with 656 million downloads

That is over 100 million downloads more than the second place, Instagram, which was downloaded 545 million times a year ago.

It’s additionally the third year straight that TikTok has held the main spot. It was downloaded 693 million times in 2019 and 850 million times in 2020. Like numerous applications on the most-downloaded show, it encountered a significant drop in overall downloads from the earlier year, yet clutched its highest level.

As per Apptopia, TikTok was likewise the main download in the United States, with 94 million downloads in 2021 — a 6% increment over 2020.

TikTok additionally proceeded with its streak as the top-earning application, outperforming $2.5 billion dollars in shopper spending in 2021.

2. TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times

TikTok hit three billion downloads in July 2021. That is significantly more amazing when you understand that they reached two billion downloads under a year prior.

It’s likewise the first non-Facebook application to reach 3 billion downloads. Since January 2014, the only other applications to do Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp as well.

Also, despite the fact that it launched in 2016, TikTok is the seventh-most downloaded application of the 2010’s.

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21 Twitter Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Not sure if you should be using Twitter? Here are some Twitter marketing statistics to know of.

First launched in 2006, Twitter began as a micro-blogging platform that permitted users to share short, 140-character posts (otherwise called “tweets”).

Its popularity rose a year later when Twitter utilization jumped from 20,000 tweets each day to 60,000 during the South by Southwest meeting. From that point forward, it’s turned into a go-to place for users to share everyday updates, discuss their inclinations, and to make associations with others from all over the globe..

While Twitter has since empowered users to involve 280 characters in a solitary tweet, it actually blossoms with short and compact informing. Also, it’s turned into an important device for marketers hoping to extend their internet based presence.

Here, we’ve arranged some Twitter statistics in regards to its use, socioeconomics, and more to provide you with a superior understanding of Twitter and if it’s a beneficial platform to put resources into.

1. Twitter Ranks as the fifteenth Most Popular Social Network

Positioning in fifteenth place as far as the quantity of users, Twitter falls behind platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

2. 10% of Twitter Users Are Responsible for 92% of Tweets

Things being what they are, most Twitter users aren’t really active with regards to truly sharing content. As a matter of fact, it appears most users just tweet once each month all things considered. That implies a great many people are visiting Twitter to consume, as opposed to make. Information shows that 10% of Twitter users are liable for 92% of the tweets from all U.S. users, meaning there’s an especially active gathering of users distributing a huge lump of content.

3. 48% of Users Turn to Twitter to Get the Latest News

We go to social media for various reasons. In any case, how do users fundamentally utilize Twitter? In the U.S., it turns out the primary justification behind utilizing Twitter is to get news. Here is a full breakdown of how users are utilizing Twitter:

48% to get news

48% to get amusement

34% to stay in touch with loved ones

33% to follow brands/organizations

14% to fortify their expert network

12% for different purposes

4. In 2020, Twitter’s Penetration Rate in the UK Was 45%

With an infiltration rate of 45%, it doesn’t appear to be that Twitter is going anyplace at any point in the near future with regards to its UK users. It’s as yet a famous decision for making associations on the web.

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TikTok Growth Strategy – TikTok Algorithm And Strategies

Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing apps in history. It’s currently valued at $50 billion and has over 1 billion users each month.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that allows content creators to create short videos and share them with the world. The company has recently surpassed YouTube in terms of monthly active users, and it’s been growing at a rapid rate. Owing to this popularity and large user base, today, TikTok is becoming an important platform for various businesses to reach their target audience.

But as everyone starts to realize this, there is a lot of competition in it. That’s why you don’t just need to be present on TikTok, but also have a growth strategy in place.

We at Radarr want to help you grow your TikTok account. So we’ve put together a handy guide for our top tips on how to create the perfect TikTok growth strategy.

Everything you need to know about TikTok growth strategy

We have broken down the following sections as per the most pressing questions marketers have around TikTok.

What do we know about the TikTok algorithm?

The app has been around for five years now and its algorithm has undergone many changes. It’s not very well understood by marketers because there’s no official documentation about it, but we do have access to some information that can be used to create strategies for our videos.

The goal of any algorithm is to predict what users want, or at least what they might want so that they can deliver that content whenever it becomes available. The TikTok algorithm is a complex system designed to serve users content based on what it believes to be of high interest.

TikTok uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and human curation to determine what should be shown within its ecosystem. Machine learning algorithms can be taught to recognize trends, which can then be used to suggest similar content for users. Human curation comes into play when humans determine what content is appropriate for certain age groups or geographic locations – or any other criteria determined by management.

Furthermore, there are also ads within TikTok that are served up according to user preferences and interests based upon their activity within the app. The more often someone taps on a given ad, the more likely they will see more ads like it in the future – creating a feedback loop where ads become increasingly relevant over time as they are matched with users who are likely to engage with them repeatedly

In this article, we will examine how TikTok’s algorithm works and discuss how it can be optimized for better results.

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Marketing Psychology: How To Use Psychology To Improve Social Media Marketing

Today, every business has a social media presence. And they all are trying hard to outperform the other.

With so much competition and noise, social media performance for many businesses is dropping.

To put things in perspective, engagement of organic social media posts on Facebook is just 0.07%. And it’s going to go from bad to worse.

But there’s one way to hook your target audience and drive desired actions from your target audience – use marketing psychology – understand how your audience actually thinks and makes decisions.

Why use marketing psychology on social media?

Every day, there are:

  • 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook
  • 500 million tweets on Twitter
  • 85 million videos and photos uploaded to Instagram

The above numbers show the potential social media has for brands. And bringing together strategy and marketing psychology can help. Here’s how:

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Top TikTok Transitions and Why They Work for Marketing

Standing at a staggering 1 billion active users, TikTok has become a mammoth of a social media platform today. After a record-breaking 2021, TikTok is killing it in 2022 too. So good that it’s hard to ignore.

Brands are leveraging TikTok more than ever so that they can directly connect with their audiences through a format they love.

So we looked into what’s trending on TikTok to identify patterns in what works and what doesn’t. And we found that content that does well is more than just around a trend, it uses seamless transitions.

Here’s everything we learned.

What are TikTok transitions?

TikTok transitions are like special effects in a video. The primary purpose of transitions is to flawlessly merge two separate video clips into one creation.

We see such transitions on Instagram too, but most of these are inspired by TikTok trends. Plus, you don’t have to film it all in one go. You can simply record and pause multiple times, and the video will look like it’s professionally edited.

As a beginner, TikTok transitions might feel hard to pull off, but once you get hold of the basics, you can always experiment and create your own magic.

These transitions have a purpose, and that is to sync the video along with the music or what the person is saying.

Transitions are also handy to reveal something new. Be it an appearance change, or to nudge that the speaker is shifting to the next topic.

When done right, TikTok transitions can make for a smart marketing strategy to boost customer engagement rates.

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What Is Audience Intelligence and Why Do You Need It?

When you talk about marketing or even establishing a name in the market, the very first thing that experts recommend is defining your target audience. Without knowing who you’re speaking to through the content or the campaigns you create, you’re broadcasting messages into the entire universe hoping to drive engagement and conversions through them.

That’s as good as not targeting anyone at all.

With a plethora of digital platforms and the data they collect, businesses have easy access to information. The individual insights and reporting dashboard provide them with concrete information on their target audience. But when it comes to creating a unified dashboard with audience insights, marketers and organizations lack the effort to do so and the data continues to remain and be read in silos.

This results in incomplete audience insights, leading to half-cooked target segments and definitions of ideal customer personas.

And that’s exactly where the importance of audience intelligence comes in.

What is audience intelligence?

Audience intelligence refers to the practice of collating key and valuable insights about audiences through data from various platforms and sources. This allows you to form a more holistic viewpoint of your target audience and consumer base, enabling you to make better-informed and defined growth strategies based on real-time data.

Following points we covered in our Ultimate audience intelligence article.

1) What is the difference between audience intelligence and social listening?

2) Can social listening and audience intelligence be used together?

3) What are the use cases of audience intelligence?

4) Do you really need audience intelligence?

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Taco Bell uses social listening. Here’s how!

Taco Bell serves over 2 billion Tacos every year at 7072 outlets. Despite the increasing competition in the industry from the likes of Burger King, McDonald’s and many others, they continue to reign the taco world.

So, what is their strategy that keeps them on top of their target audience’s mind and hooked to their tacos?

The Mexican-inspired American fast-food chain is winning hearts by maintaining a prominent presence on social media with the help of a social listening strategy.

Let’s look at a summary of how Taco Bell uses social listening; you can read about it in detail here.

Different ways Taco Bell uses social listening tools to win hearts

1. Actively engaging with their audience

It is not important to have a huge number of followers on social media. The key is to create a connection with those followers. And Taco Bell has a staggering presence on all social media platforms, and they engage actively with their followers.

With the help of social listening, they’re able to keep track of all conversations on their social media posts, and respond to them in a timely manner with ease.

2. Identify new target markets

For a business to keep running, it’s important to continually expand to new markets and identify the changes in your ideal customer persona.

But how do you identify newer audiences and convert them to customers? Taco Bell has achieved that gap through social media listening.

It helps them understand the demand for their tacos across different demographics and audience segments, and their taste preferences. For instance, the age gap between 18-34 loves eating spicy tacos at night, and 34+ year olds love them as on-the-go snacks.

3. Launch new products

We love our purchases being branded. That’s why popular brands go big on merchandising.

Taco Bell used this as one of the tactics to promote their business by creating merchandise products on their famous tagline “live mas” – which they were able to identify with the help of social listening.

4. Promote user generated content

We all know hundreds of promotional videos have less impact as compared to a customer review. The best way to promote your business is through your consumers – and Taco Bell does a good job of keeping track of customer reviews and testimonials, with the help of social listening.

5. Identifying what their audience cares about

Taco Bell has a popular presence across all the social media platforms and puts up appreciable content by listening and engaging with their audience. When it comes to creating a strong marketing strategy, it is best you know your audience. Because today consumers are looking to establish environmental footprints and such sources are an efficient way to promote business.

Taco Bell is socially and environmentally conscious. But with the help of social listening, they were able to identify the various aspects in which they can deliver the cause campaign to customers; and today you see it in the form of packaging that is recyclable, compostable and reusable.

6. Creating audience-driven content

Taco Bell has used social listening to its advantage by actively identifying topics and themes their audience likes to read about. This has helped them create relevant and relatable content at scale.

It would be a tragedy if you had no idea about what your audience likes to read. With social listening, you can streamline your content creation efforts with the help of concrete data.

7. They are active in communities

Dedicating yourself to interacting with people digitally in real time speaks for itself. Consumers prefer authenticity from brands rather than drowning them with the same old promotional messages selling products or a service on social media.

Accordingly, Taco Bell built active communities across all social media platforms, especially on Reddit, with various subreddits such as r/taco bell, r/fastfood, r/Living as, etc have looped their audience fervently, watching their conversation. The purpose of building communities on social media is to strengthen your brand and engage with your customers.

8. Localisation of offers based on demographics

An excellent opportunity that all the big brands should be looking out for is localized content, since it is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers. Taco Bell did not sit back on this one as well; they dominated localizing their social media accounts towards their customers.

For a global brand, it is necessary to attract a local audience, and Taco Bell understands what it takes to attract audiences of different demographics and make sure they resonate with their target market.


Taco Bell seems to have figured it out when it comes to engaging their audience and retaining them through the process of social listening. And now, it’s your turn!

It’s time to harness the power of social listening by integrating it into your marketing strategy. Reach out to us for a demo today!

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25 Facebook Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Facebook is the king of social media and is the largest social media site in practically every metric. Whether you like it or not, the social media mammoth and soon-to-be harbinger of the metaverse is a must-have for marketers.

In this article, we’ll go over 39 current Facebook statistics, all of which have been updated for 2022. You’ll discover all the Facebook statistics you need to know here, whether you’re looking for information on where to spend your ad money, where to start the buyer’s journey on Facebook, or whether it’s even worth it to use Facebook for marketing in 2022.

Facebook marketing statistics you should know

We’ve organised our Facebook marketing statistics into 6 categories:

  • General Facebook Stats
  • Facebook User Stats
  • Facebook Usage Stats
  • Facebook Ad Stats
  • Facebook Business Stats
  • Facebook Usage Stats

Here is the complete guide for 25 Facebook marketing statistics you need to know in 2022.

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