21 Twitter Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Twitter Marketing Statistics l Radarr

Not sure if you should be using Twitter? Here are some Twitter marketing statistics to know of.

First launched in 2006, Twitter began as a micro-blogging platform that permitted users to share short, 140-character posts (otherwise called “tweets”).

Its popularity rose a year later when Twitter utilization jumped from 20,000 tweets each day to 60,000 during the South by Southwest meeting. From that point forward, it’s turned into a go-to place for users to share everyday updates, discuss their inclinations, and to make associations with others from all over the globe..

While Twitter has since empowered users to involve 280 characters in a solitary tweet, it actually blossoms with short and compact informing. Also, it’s turned into an important device for marketers hoping to extend their internet based presence.

Here, we’ve arranged some Twitter statistics in regards to its use, socioeconomics, and more to provide you with a superior understanding of Twitter and if it’s a beneficial platform to put resources into.

1. Twitter Ranks as the fifteenth Most Popular Social Network

Positioning in fifteenth place as far as the quantity of users, Twitter falls behind platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

2. 10% of Twitter Users Are Responsible for 92% of Tweets

Things being what they are, most Twitter users aren’t really active with regards to truly sharing content. As a matter of fact, it appears most users just tweet once each month all things considered. That implies a great many people are visiting Twitter to consume, as opposed to make. Information shows that 10% of Twitter users are liable for 92% of the tweets from all U.S. users, meaning there’s an especially active gathering of users distributing a huge lump of content.

3. 48% of Users Turn to Twitter to Get the Latest News

We go to social media for various reasons. In any case, how do users fundamentally utilize Twitter? In the U.S., it turns out the primary justification behind utilizing Twitter is to get news. Here is a full breakdown of how users are utilizing Twitter:

48% to get news

48% to get amusement

34% to stay in touch with loved ones

33% to follow brands/organizations

14% to fortify their expert network

12% for different purposes

4. In 2020, Twitter’s Penetration Rate in the UK Was 45%

With an infiltration rate of 45%, it doesn’t appear to be that Twitter is going anyplace at any point in the near future with regards to its UK users. It’s as yet a famous decision for making associations on the web.

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