How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Best Practices and Examples

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Learn more about the best influencer marketing campaigns and how to run one yourself.

Influencer marketing is a method used by brands to increase their return on investment. It is a new way of using word of mouth and merging it with social media to push products on a large scale.

Earlier, businesses were skeptical of influencer marketing campaigns but with the rise of social media and the increase in power of influencers, it is now a commonly adopted way of marketing.

Here are some statistics that demonstrate the success of influencer marketing campaigns:

  • The industry is expected to increase by 2.6 billion in 2022, taking it to an estimated 16.4 billion dollars
  • 79% of brands choose Instagram as the platform for their influencer campaigns
  • 93% of marketers have relied on influencer marketing at some point
  • More brands are opting for micro-influencers to reduce costs and get higher engagement

This only goes to show that when marketers move in a strategic manner with these campaigns, they are likely to achieve higher success.

In this blog, we will talk about how to run influencer marketing campaigns. We have also included some of the best influencer campaign examples to put things into better perspective.

Influencer marketing campaign best practices

Let’s review some of the best practices along with influencer marketing campaign examples to help you get started:

1. Have a clear understanding of your KPIs

At the beginning of any influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to have a clear direction on what you want out of that campaign. Are you aiming for sales or growing brand awareness? Or perhaps your goal is to achieve both. Your campaign’s KPIs really depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your influencer marketing strategy.

Marketers who are new to influencer marketing campaigns may find it a little too complicated, but as long as you know what you want and how to gain it, things should go well! There are many strategies that bring different results. It all depends on your overall goal itself which will set the tone for executing a successful campaign.

But the first step in doing so is knowing where to keep an eye on your performance i.e KPIs and what success looks like for you. You will need to adjust them accordingly during post-campaign analysis.

2. Define your target audience

When it comes to influencer selection, your target audience should be a fairly obvious starting point. The ideal influencer campaign is one where there’s overlap between the creator and their followers’ interests being similar to your brand’s offerings as it makes for a far more successful campaign.

For example, Daniel Wellington — the watch and jewelry brand — who earlier used to work with major influencers, started involving micro-influencers in their campaigns to get a wider reach and increase their ROI.

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