Marketing Psychology: How To Use Psychology To Improve Social Media Marketing

Using Psychology to Improve Your Social Media Strategy l Radarr

Today, every business has a social media presence. And they all are trying hard to outperform the other.

With so much competition and noise, social media performance for many businesses is dropping.

To put things in perspective, engagement of organic social media posts on Facebook is just 0.07%. And it’s going to go from bad to worse.

But there’s one way to hook your target audience and drive desired actions from your target audience – use marketing psychology – understand how your audience actually thinks and makes decisions.

Why use marketing psychology on social media?

Every day, there are:

  • 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook
  • 500 million tweets on Twitter
  • 85 million videos and photos uploaded to Instagram

The above numbers show the potential social media has for brands. And bringing together strategy and marketing psychology can help. Here’s how:

Here is the complete guide of Marketing psychology principles you can use for social media marketing.

Here is the complete guide on the social listening platforms and their importance, Social listening on Facebook and social listening on LinkedIn.