The Ultimate List of Social Media Marketing Tools You Absolutely Need in 2022

List of Social Media Marketing Tools - Radarr

The internet has changed the game of advertising, in a good way. Brands only had to advertise on the television and in newspapers till a few years ago. And then social media happened.

Social media changed the way people perceived brands. We now have a generation that makes most of its purchasing decisions after consuming content on social media platforms, making it a mandate for brands to be present on them as well.

If you want to succeed in the social media game, you have got to listen to what your consumer is saying about you and the topics that concern you – 24×7.

Radarr is a social media monitoring and listening tool that uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to help you keep track of the millions of conversations happening online. It helps you identify what your target audience is engaging with, why they are doing so, and highlight the opportunities for you to create campaigns or have conversations that convert.

A social media marketing tool you absolutely need to gauge audience insights, track campaign performance across multiple platforms, monitor for brand crises, offer customer support, predict trends and create social content that engages your audience.

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Radarr is a social listening and monitoring platform that gets you actionable insights and deep analytics so that you take better decisions and perform better