Ultimate Guide to Using YouTube Hashtags to Grow Your Channel

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Learn how to use YouTube hashtags to grow on the video streaming platform.

Did you know YouTube attracts 14.3 billion each month? That is more than the traffic on Wikipedia and other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, 1.7 billion of these monthly YouTube visitors are unique.

But gaining views and subscribers on YouTube channels is becoming increasingly difficult.

That is where YouTube hashtags can play a pivotal role in garnering substantial traffic on your channel. With the new addition of reels on our favorite video streaming site, trending hashtags can immensely help you to reach a large audience organically.

What are YouTube Hashtags?

Hashtags are nothing but keywords starting where the symbol ‘#’ (hash) is added in the beginning. YouTube Hashtags are tags added in the description or title of YouTube videos to represent the content type or category.

This enables the creators to conveniently reach more audiences by connecting with other videos with the same trending hashtags. The symbol hash makes the keyword clickable which allows the users to search for relevant videos tagged with the same keywords.

To sum it up, YouTube hashtags help in categorizing videos with the same tags and enable the viewers to quickly find relevant content based on the keywords.

For example, if a YouTube reel is tagged with #Shorts, a user can conveniently come across it while watching other reels tagged with the same keyword.

Here is the ultimate guide to using youtube hashtags to grow your channel.

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