Why Your Social Listening Strategy Needs Image Analytics

Image analysis in social listening - Radarr

Social listening has helped brands keep track of online conversations, tapping into opportunities to talk to their audience at the right time. But what about conversations that go unseen through what we see every day?

Yes, we’re talking about all the conversations happening online through visuals. The inability to look into what the 3 billion+ images being shared across social media every day have to say, is missing out on critical business insights that can help you understand your audience better.

Image analysis refers to the process of extracting meaningful information from images being shared in the digital landscape. It means leveraging the power of artificial intelligence that drives social listening, to recognize attributes within an image.

Social media listening has mostly been about text analysis – captions, comments, news, tweets, and other formats wherein there is a reference to the brand or the product being shown in the visual.

But when image analysis is applied to social listening, it acts as an extension to the text analysis, applying the same logic to visual content.

With the help of image analytics, you can also identify faces within visuals to determine the sentiment behind them, along with demographic data like age, gender and more. It also lets businesses identify elements like logos, activities, objects, and scenes within a visual, and describe it with a statement that represents what it is about.

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