7 Tips To Build Trust From Your Social Audience


I had always been a staunch supporter of the online revolution and usually scout the brand’s social media channels and blogs on the web before I make a final purchase. This aspect of marketing that includes authentic reviews comforted me a while back; I mean why wouldn’t you buy a product if the same is highly recommended by a blogger or has great reviews all over the internet? A reality check while being associated with a brand, introduced me to a unique mafia that operated undercover, and included the likes of celebrities, bloggers, and other pushed forms of reviews, mostly internal which may look authentic however are mere façade! Many brands today indulge in these malpractices to push sales, the most recent ones being Samsung and MasterCard.

While this may be the latest in the hay, these malpractices by brands aren’t new. One of the oldest examples in this regard was when L’Oreal came under the storm in 2005. Click here to read more.

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