Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Listening

Guide to Instagram social listening - Radarr

Instagram has evolved from a platform where people posted their pictures to a place where businesses sell products and services and engage with each other. It is the one place where customers go to discover new brands, explore what they offer, buy from them or simply engage with them.

But another thing about Instagram is that users are not afraid to voice their opinions on it. From shoutouts and queries to customer complaints and concerns, there’s a huge amount of conversation going on on Instagram. And brands not tracking this is missing out on a giant opportunity for not just growth, but also changing their target audience’s perspective about them.

Instagram listening refers to tracking conversations about topics, hashtags, keywords, and brands related to your brand and industry. When you listen closely to what conversations happen within your industry,  the insights you gather can help you create an informed social media strategy.

A lot of people may confuse Instagram listening with Instagram monitoring. While social monitoring is simply observing conversations around your brand, social listening lets you analyze those interactions to discover opportunities to act. That can range from something as small as responding to a happy customer, or something as big as repositioning your entire branding.

Instagram listening can also be used to:

  • Discover new industry trends and happenings
  • Assess customer sentiment around your brand
  • Monitor your competitor’s activity
  • Build new marketing and product development strategies
  • Identify potential customers, partnerships and influencers
  • Identify and predict trends that your audience is engaging with

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