How Fitbit Uses Social Listening to Build a Loyal Community of Users

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Learn how Fitbit uses social listening for better marketing and community building.

Despite the growth of health tracking apps and solutions during the last couple of years, Fitbit is still the second-most popular wearable brand across the globe.

As per statistics, Fitbit has over 31 million users across the globe and despite the increasing competition from the likes of Apple and other wearable technologies, the brand has been able to grow sustainably, despite slight dips in its popularity.

So what are they doing right?

Fitbit has been using social listening to be where its audience is, talk about things they truly care about, and keep them engaged in their journey to good health with proactive marketing campaigns.

If you’re new to social listening, read this guide on what it is and why it is important.

But if you are aware of what social listening is, let’s look into how Fitbit has made it a crucial part of its growth strategy over the years.

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