How to Generate Leads with Social Listening

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Owing to the pandemic and everyone taking to digital, businesses are becoming more aware and conscious of the conversations happening online. That’s exactly why social listening has now become an integral part of marketing processes and strategies.

But most businesses have been using social listening for what the term literally stands for – listening to conversations on social media and the digital landscape. So you’ll see social listening being used to track conversations, manage online reputation, customer support and market research.

But what if we said you could use social listening for lead generation?

It typically takes anywhere between a few months to years to identify all the demographics of what an ideal buyer looks like. But to say that the buyer’s likes, preferences, and demographics will remain the same as time progresses, would be wrong.

This is where social listening comes in to help you proactively learn from the changing behavior of your target audience and ideal buyers.

Social listening also helps monitor the conversation around your competitor’s brand. It helps you understand the perception customers have for them, identifying the negative and neutral comments that you can cash in on to generate leads

With social listening, you can bring sentiment analysis into the mix and truly understand the intent behind online conversations. When you understand how a consumer ‘feels’, you’re closer to understanding their challenges and how they want to be addressed as humans.

Ready to see how you can run prospect hunting campaigns and track conversations to reach your potential customers? 

Here is the complete guide to Instagram social listening and Tik Tok social listening.

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