LinkedIn Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

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To market to businesses, there could be no better place than LinkedIn. The platform permits users to interact with like-minded business people, apply and hire for jobs, and follow news from organizations and influential individuals from across the globe.

When you understand how LinkedIn members and brands utilize the channel, you’ll acquire significant insights into how you can incorporate LinkedIn into your social media strategy.

Here are the most noteworthy LinkedIn marketing statistics to know in 2022 :

General LinkedIn statistics

1. LinkedIn turns 19 years old in 2022

The network officially launched on May fifth, 2003, only nine months before Facebook launched at Harvard. LinkedIn is the most seasoned of the significant social networks still being used today.

2. LinkedIn has 35 workplaces and 18,000 employees

LinkedIn has in excess of 30+ offices which are located in urban communities around the world.

3. LinkedIn is accessible in 25 dialects

This permits numerous worldwide users to get to the network in their local language.

4. Over 12 million LinkedIn members are flagging their accessibility to work

Utilizing LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork photograph outline, over 12 million users are effectively demonstrating their qualifications to imminent hirers.

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