NFT in Marketing: What Netizens Feel and How Brands Are Using NFTs

NFT in Marketing l Radarr

Learn how brands are using NFT in marketing.

If you like to read online or follow social media for micro-content and micro-news, we’re pretty sure you have been hearing all about NFTs the past couple of months now. So we decided to look into how NFTs will impact marketing in the coming time.

Because, imagine JPEG images being sold for hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, even million dollars!

Considering how even industry-leading luxury brands like Gucci are hopping onto the NFTs bandwagon, it’s safe to say that they aren’t only a millennial-fad. It’s a new element in the digital landscape that is going to become a lot more common in every industry.

That’s exactly why it’s time for marketers to get acquainted with NFTs.

Here is the complete guide to NFT in marketing.

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