Social Listening for Publishers: How to Leverage Online Conversation to Increase Readership

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If you’re an online publisher losing readership or finding it hard to scale your audience, this is for you – social listening for publishers.

The online publishing industry is exploding like wildfires. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of publishing sites, types of content, and platforms to publish on.

Digital publishing is no longer a space only for the big players. Smaller companies, start-ups, and individuals, too, have taken online engagement by storm.

Consider this – the global digital publishing market size is expected to reach $68.81 billion by 2026, from $41 billion in 2022.

For publishers, such growth means there’s an increasing amount of competition to get their content noticed and build readership.

Digital marketers know how big a challenge it is.

And that’s where social listening can do wonders for publishers.

What is social listening?

Social listening is the process of tracking, monitoring, and analyzing social media mentions, conversations, and trends that are relevant to you, your brand, the industry you are in, or even your competitors.

If you’re new to social listening and want to learn more about it, read this guide: Complete guide to understanding social listening.

Here is the complete guide to social listening and social monitoring.

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