Taco Bell uses social listening. Here’s how!

How Taco Bell Uses Social Listening to Win Hearts l Radarr

Taco Bell serves over 2 billion Tacos every year at 7072 outlets. Despite the increasing competition in the industry from the likes of Burger King, McDonald’s and many others, they continue to reign the taco world.

So, what is their strategy that keeps them on top of their target audience’s mind and hooked to their tacos?

The Mexican-inspired American fast-food chain is winning hearts by maintaining a prominent presence on social media with the help of a social listening strategy.

Let’s look at a summary of how Taco Bell uses social listening; you can read about it in detail here.

Different ways Taco Bell uses social listening tools to win hearts

1. Actively engaging with their audience

It is not important to have a huge number of followers on social media. The key is to create a connection with those followers. And Taco Bell has a staggering presence on all social media platforms, and they engage actively with their followers.

With the help of social listening, they’re able to keep track of all conversations on their social media posts, and respond to them in a timely manner with ease.

2. Identify new target markets

For a business to keep running, it’s important to continually expand to new markets and identify the changes in your ideal customer persona.

But how do you identify newer audiences and convert them to customers? Taco Bell has achieved that gap through social media listening.

It helps them understand the demand for their tacos across different demographics and audience segments, and their taste preferences. For instance, the age gap between 18-34 loves eating spicy tacos at night, and 34+ year olds love them as on-the-go snacks.

3. Launch new products

We love our purchases being branded. That’s why popular brands go big on merchandising.

Taco Bell used this as one of the tactics to promote their business by creating merchandise products on their famous tagline “live mas” – which they were able to identify with the help of social listening.

4. Promote user generated content

We all know hundreds of promotional videos have less impact as compared to a customer review. The best way to promote your business is through your consumers – and Taco Bell does a good job of keeping track of customer reviews and testimonials, with the help of social listening.

5. Identifying what their audience cares about

Taco Bell has a popular presence across all the social media platforms and puts up appreciable content by listening and engaging with their audience. When it comes to creating a strong marketing strategy, it is best you know your audience. Because today consumers are looking to establish environmental footprints and such sources are an efficient way to promote business.

Taco Bell is socially and environmentally conscious. But with the help of social listening, they were able to identify the various aspects in which they can deliver the cause campaign to customers; and today you see it in the form of packaging that is recyclable, compostable and reusable.

6. Creating audience-driven content

Taco Bell has used social listening to its advantage by actively identifying topics and themes their audience likes to read about. This has helped them create relevant and relatable content at scale.

It would be a tragedy if you had no idea about what your audience likes to read. With social listening, you can streamline your content creation efforts with the help of concrete data.

7. They are active in communities

Dedicating yourself to interacting with people digitally in real time speaks for itself. Consumers prefer authenticity from brands rather than drowning them with the same old promotional messages selling products or a service on social media.

Accordingly, Taco Bell built active communities across all social media platforms, especially on Reddit, with various subreddits such as r/taco bell, r/fastfood, r/Living as, etc have looped their audience fervently, watching their conversation. The purpose of building communities on social media is to strengthen your brand and engage with your customers.

8. Localisation of offers based on demographics

An excellent opportunity that all the big brands should be looking out for is localized content, since it is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers. Taco Bell did not sit back on this one as well; they dominated localizing their social media accounts towards their customers.

For a global brand, it is necessary to attract a local audience, and Taco Bell understands what it takes to attract audiences of different demographics and make sure they resonate with their target market.


Taco Bell seems to have figured it out when it comes to engaging their audience and retaining them through the process of social listening. And now, it’s your turn!

It’s time to harness the power of social listening by integrating it into your marketing strategy. Reach out to us for a demo today!

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