The Complete Guide To Social Listening On Twitter

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Sure, over the last decade, social media has evolved for business around the globe, and so it has evolved in the same vein for your brand as well. From having a strategic role to play in your company’s overall marketing plan to having a plethora of resources being allotted to make it grow, Twitter today makes one of the most important avenues of marketing for your business.

Yet somehow, there are so many things that even savvy businesses lose out on, when it comes to making the most from the fastest growing social media channel that is focused on conversations!

Enter social listening on Twitter, the art and science of keeping a tab on conversations around topics, keywords, and themes that are of relevance or importance for your business, in order to utilize the maximum benefit your brand could gain out of being active on Twitter.

Here are some of the reasons social listening on Twitter is important, as compared to other platforms or other ways of gleaning marketing insights:

  • Twitter is a rapidly growing platform, making it ripe for more and more insights going forward
  • All of your peers and competitors are there, and people are talking about both of you in the same vein
  • There are trends and fashions that have erupted from Twitter, and will continue to in the future as well
  • Bad press snowballs into bigger ones in a matter of hours, if not earlier, so you need to know there’s a fire under you before your back starts to feel warm

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