TikTok Marketing Tips and Examples to Master Your Campaigns

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Planning your TikTok marketing campaigns? Here are some TikTok marketing tips from experts.

Standing at a whopping 1 Billion active users, TikTok has become a happening spot for brands to be seen and heard.

It is no more a platform with frivolous dance videos and has unlocked a full-fledged opportunity for growth.

Given how vast TikTok is — it is crucial to know what’s exactly happening on the platform, especially for your brand’s growth.

When you understand the ins and outs of TikTok content, its relation with virality, and consumer behavior, you can create a solid plan for your brand.

Seems too much to do as compared to copying trends? Don’t fret.

Here are some TikTok marketing campaign strategies and examples you can follow to get ahead of your competition.

TikTok marketing strategies and examples to win on the platform

1. Start with TikTok listening

The number one strategy to win on TikTok is to invest in social listening on the platform. This is important to identify whether your target audience is even present on the channel to start with!

TikTok listening will help you learn more about the audience you get to target on the platform, discover accounts (competitor and non-competitor) in a similar domain and identify topics that your target segment is swooning over.

With over 1 million videos are viewed every day on TikTok, it’s practically impossible to monitor accounts and what your audience is doing. This is where a TikTok social listening tool like Radarr comes into play.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Radarr lets you tune into millions of conversations happening in and around your business, or the topics you’re interested in. It also lets you actively identify trends your audience is engaging with, accounts they follow and the sentiment behind the content created.

By making TikTok listening your first step, you can:

Identify your target audience and detail out your segments on TikTok
Identify potential topics and trends your audience engages with
Identify competitor accounts and campaigns running on TikTok

Get started with TikTok social listening using Radarr today.

2. Find your niche

While jumping on TikTok trends is one way to go viral, carving out your own niche is another.

The Internet is too noisy, and to stand out, you need a niche and own it. Figuring out your niche and perfecting your content will attract more engagement from like-minded audiences.

Users love discovering creators that are quirky and have realized their true niche.

The moment you have grabbed their attention, they know where to land (your profile) when they are craving some quality content.

TikTok has an audience for all niches, whether it’s basic fashion tips, home styling, or weird face wax videos.

If you are hesitant about starting out, try to tinker with a few different categories to unleash your strengths. The moment your profile starts to gain traction simply narrow down your focus to the videos that maintain decent engagement, and double down on creating more of such videos. Don’t forget to check out what your competitors are up to, that will give you more insights into what works and what doesn’t.

In 2022, the following TikTok niches are popular — funny dances, easy dinner, dark comedy, realistic drawing, fitness fashion, funny memes, couple goals, street style, home fitness, and beauty tips. But the platform is not restricted to only these!

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