The Ultimate List of Twitter Marketing Tools You Need to Grow

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Looking for Twitter marketing tools that can help you strategize better? This is the only list you need.

Be it keeping an eye on trending topics, becoming a part of proactive brainstorming sessions or simply tapping into some word (gossip) around your competitors in the industry, Twitter is the place to be.

But with 6,000 tweets being posted on the platform every second (on average), it’s practically impossible to tune into the right conversations at the right time and make the most of the engagement in the threads.

That’s where having the right set of Twitter marketing tools comes into play.

Twitter marketing tools you absolutely need

We’re listing some of the best Twitter marketing tools to help you get a headstart on the platform. But feel free to explore other options available!

1. Radarr

The trick to hacking your Twitter growth is to be able to tap into ongoing conversations proactively, gauge interest and sentiment, and leverage it to plan out tailored marketing campaigns to meet your goals.

Radarr is a powerful social listening tool powered by artificial intelligence that enables you to tap into online conversations with ease. It brings to you all the relevant tweets around topics, names, industries, and themes you want to proactively contribute towards, making it easy for you to keep up with what your audience is talking about.

For example, here’s how we tracked all the conversations around NFT in marketing with Radarr:

Radarr also comes with a sentiment analysis tool that is able to break down a tweet’s true meaning — beyond the words written. This lets you see how the person tweeting it feels towards the brand mentioned or the topic being spoken about. Using this information, you can always choose to contribute or not or tailor your engagement approach.]

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What is Radarr? Radarr is the leading social media listening tool that provides services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

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