Tools For Marketers To Improve Productivity And Creativity

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There are so many aspects to being a social and digital professional. We often analyze campaign results but how does it all get done in the first place? The answer – tools. Use them to share new ideas, create plans with your team or organize the structure of your campaign – there are endless tools for marketers to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

Most software developers or IT agile scrums will have a love for Jira for social and digital marketing campaigns. Jira works perfectly for those who operate in an agile way. The interface (albeit a little backdated) allows you to prioritize tasks that need to be done in order to deliver a social or marketing campaign.

Although it may be a bit archaic and quite often it only operates on certain browsers and devices, Jira is a great system to use to control workload, backlog and have an overview of incoming social and digital campaigns.

The system allows you to create a team kanban (progress) board, attach an avatar to tasks you are working on. It effectively creates a record of how a social or digital campaign has been delivered and which members of your team have contributed to the campaign.

This is a simplistic version of a Kanban board. Similar to Jira, it allows you to move tasks along a board from to do in progress and done. It is generally more helpful for a personal workload rather than a team workload as it clearly demonstrates what you are working on at any moment in time.

This board does what it says on the tin. It has aspects of Jira and Trello and is really helpful for groups. You can prioritize tasks by colour or by where they sit in the column and assign avatars to each one.

It’s really useful for having a view of how all small tasks can come together to create a great social or digital marketing campaign.

Yammer is effectively a social network for your organization. A place where bragging about social shares and time spent on your website is cool. It’s also a great way of keeping a record of cool stuff. If you’re in need of inspiration for your next campaign then look no further than your Yammer news feed. That is if your team is engaged and in the habit of looking for cool industry news.

MSN’s flaw? It completely wiped your conversation once you logged out so you couldn’t refer back to what your friends had told you anyway. You’d have to log back in with the excruciating cacophony created by a combination of the dial tone and your sister attempting to use the phone at the same time. All of which, just to ask the same questions you’d asked before. Slack is like MSN. Improved MSN!

Slack allows you to communicate with your team all at once -‘Who knows where the images for last month’s social posts are stored?’ – and it keeps a record! Therefore, like an email chain, you can easily reference information or easily notify people of what you’re doing at any time. You can also share documents and it has an app.

Remember the days of MSN messenger and the phrase G2G? No? Well, let me enlighten you – MSN basically worked as a chat room for all of your friends so it was easy and simple to get as much information from as many people at any one time.

Therefore, whatever tool takes your fancy can really improve your inventiveness, efficiency, and how your team interacts. Why not try out a few and find out what’s best for you? If you’ve been using a bunch of useful tools yourself, please do share them with us!

In a nutshell, it’s an email chain on a fancy system so you can easily filter by date, person and document and in turn, be a lot more productive.

Radarr leverages social listening to give you actionable insights and data points that can be used to make vital decisions and strategies.

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