How Netflix Uses Social Listening to Stay on Top of Their Content Game

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Netflix has witnessed phenomenal growth in terms of business in recent years. While Netflix’s subscriber base in 2011 consisted of a mere 22 million, it shot up to nearly 150 million in 2019 and crossed 200 million subscribers in 2020.

Used by an estimated 37% of internet users worldwide, Netflix’s massive rise can be credited to majorly two things – the quality of the product offering and its top-notch marketing efforts.

Thanks to an excellent social media strategy, Netflix has managed to dominate over its competitors over the years and emerged as a dominant streaming provider. From sharing updates on upcoming movies to engaging in witty comebacks, Netflix’s social media is pure entertainment.

But how did Netflix achieve this?

Through social listening!

With Social listening, brands get valuable insight into the evolving behaviors of their target audience in real-time and adjust their social media marketing strategy accordingly.

By listening to their audience, Netflix has been able to track sentiments and push out their own marketing based on what they found their audience craved the most. Social listening also gave Netflix an opportunity to connect with its users, come up with new solutions‍ and develop long-lasting relationships.

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