Social Listening VS Social Monitoring

Social listening vs social monitoring

Social Monitoring

The act of social monitoring is when you recognize and react to brand mentions on social media.

This could be answering queries through a customer service representative, interacting with consumers on social media through a social media manager, or taking note of pain points your customers usually experience with your product.

Social media monitoring  is more of a reactive approach.

Social Listening

The act of social listening, on the other hand, is when you gather data from and extract insights around:

  1. Organic brand mentions
  2. Organic industry mentions
  3. People organically share an opinion about your product or your industry/ competitors

Social listening is more of a proactive approach.

Should I Monitor or Listen?

It’s important to note that there is no “better” option between social listening and social monitoring. While your business may have long-term goals such as establishing a strong brand image, achieving this also requires meeting short-term goals such as maintaining positive brand sentiments through continued customer satisfaction.

Social media monitoring and analysis are great for staying on top of customer questions, complaints, or feedback, but social listening looks at the bigger picture and can provide insights into your consumers and competitors that you may not have been looking for.

Radarr leverages social listening to give you actionable insights and data points that can be used to make vital decisions and strategies.

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