What’s the Perfect Post Length Across Social Media Networks?


Social media is all about having a conversation. As social media executives or community managers, we try various combinations to get the perfect post for maximum engagement. The brands we manage have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (among others like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more). Each of these platforms caters to a slightly different audience, and so the composition of these posts also varies accordingly.

The length of the post is one of the primary factors that determine whether your Fan or Follower, who has been overloaded with updates from various Facebook Pages and Friends, will be willing to engage with your brand. An update, complete with appealing content (including hashtags, images, and links) will finally lead the Fan or Follower to interact with your post. Since every networking site is used for a different purpose, the behavior of the Fans and Followers also varies on every platform. Interestingly, research shows that people are willing to read more detailed posts on Google Plus than on Facebook. So, what’s the length of a perfect post across social media networks?

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