All the New Instagram Updates You Need to Know for Marketing (2022)

New Instagram Updates you Need to Know for Marketing l Radarr

Instagram is one of the strongest platforms for marketing, and it’s here to stay.

With 2 billion users, it’s a relatively large target audience that businesses of all sizes can reach through it. The platform has been updating regularly since its inception to keep up with the changing times, so marketers have more tools at their disposal than ever before.

With a massive chunk of your audience actively lurking here, it pays to know about all the latest and new Instagram updates.

As a social media monitoring tool, we at Radarr always watch all social platforms closely.

In this post, we aim to keep you informed about all the new Instagram updates – bookmark it for easy reference!

New Instagram updates and features your marketing team needs to know

While there have been several new Instagram updates lately – some features and others in terms of the interface, here are the ones you shouldn’t miss out on:

Every video will be a Reel

Instagram started experimenting with the concept that all videos creators share will be in a reel format. This feature was only rolled out on June 30, 2022, for selected creators. As of now, the official date for the rollout of this feature is still unknown – but most users see the change.

What’s in it for you?

If this feature takes off, marketers may have to start diverting their focus to this format since most of the updates are centered around Reels. A great incentive for brands is that it increases their likelihood of being discovered in the Reels tab, which boosts their organic growth.

Longer Reels

In late April this year, Instagram introduced a new feature for Reels that allows content creators to share videos of up to 90 seconds which was 60 seconds before the rollout of this feature.

What’s in it for you?

Since most users spend a significant time scrolling through Reels, marketers have a better chance of engaging their current audiences and attracting new ones. With longer Reels, brands can highlight their products and share their story to draw in customers.

Captions on Reels

With this latest Instagram update, social media marketers can turn on ‘auto-generated captions’ for a seamless reel experience or have ‘AR closed captions’ for a more stylized and entertaining result.

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