The Best Social Media Marketing Books You Should Have on Your Reading List

Best Books on Social Media Marketing l Radarr

The only list of the best social media marketing books you need to bookmark.

There may be a lot of online resources available to study but nothing beats a good book. While blogs offer bite-sized knowledge and videos engage visually, books elaborately compile hundreds of research ideas in a sophisticated manner – nothing gets missed.

As a social media marketing team, we recommend it’s time you add a good social media marketing book to gain in-depth knowledge and rise above your peers.

Brilliant marketers have compiled years of experience into social media marketing books; and there are tons to choose from.

Being avid readers ourselves, we’ve gathered a list of the best social media marketing books for content marketers and social media managers. This list consists of beginner-friendly social media marketing books as well as pro-level stuff.

Best Social Media Marketing Books You Have to Read Once

1. Everybody Writes

Author: Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a popular writer and digital marketing pioneer with a lot of experience in writing for the web. She shares her expertise in writing SEO-friendly, grammatically correct content that ranks high on Google. In her book, she also teaches how to infuse storytelling into your content to connect better with the reader.

2. Influencer: Building a Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

Author: Brittany Hennessy

Brittany Hennessy was the head of influencer marketing at Hearst Magazines. At her job, she used to engage and deal with multiple influencers every day. In her book, she compiles the best strategies, tips, and tricks to nail influencer marketing. The book also contains past experiences, mistakes, and the achievement of great influencers so you learn from their experiences.

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